Nata dalla passione e dalla profonda conoscenza erboristica di Girolamo Varnelli quasi 150 anni fa, la Distilleria Varnelli si fregia con orgoglio della licenza UTIF n° 1.

Number one as the long tradition of Distilleria Varnelli as the first company in the Marche region to start spirits production.

Varnelli. 150 years of herbal knowledge

Territory & Traditions Botanicals

Distilleria Varnelli, founded in 1868 at Cupi di Visso in Marche region, is a historical company connected with its territory and traditions. Liquors production is based on the old recipes and characterized by the use of raw materials, obtained from plants (herbs, roots, seeds, spices, fruit and honey). Everything is made through ancient methods, such as infusions, distillates and decoction on wooden fire sweetened only with honey, and following the botanicals culture of the territory. Wood is the only fuel used by the Company.

Thanks to the strenght connection with its roots, Company are promoting initiatives for the plantation of raw materials in its territory, essential for the production, and it has started experimental farms of genziane in own lands into Parco Monti Sibillini. 


A balance mixed of modern systems and meticulous safeguard of the artisanal tradition is the secret of the Varnelli's 4th generation management. The best way to face the market challenges today.

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