Nata dalla passione e dalla profonda conoscenza erboristica di Girolamo Varnelli quasi 150 anni fa, la Distilleria Varnelli si fregia con orgoglio della licenza UTIF n° 1.

Number one as the long tradition of Distilleria Varnelli as the first company in the Marche region to start spirits production.

The Spirit of Italy

Inspired by the common goal to promote the culture of premium Italian spirits, some of Italy’s most historic and popular spirit producers proudly established "The Spirit of Italy" group in 2011. Formed to share the history of family business, artisanal recipes and trends in mixology and entertaining, The Spirit of Italy is a link between culture, tradition, distinctive lifestyle, and a splash of art, pleasure and enjoyment. 

That is the Italian way


Distilleria Varnelli is a member of "Symbola - Fondazione per le Qualità Italiane”, established in 2005 by a group of entrepeneurs, journalists, politicians and cultural representatives. The purpose of Symbola is being a meeting place for Italian players who are aware the best way for our Country to compete successfully in the global market is through networking and enhancing its distinctive skills and qualities which are valued all over the world: History, Culture, Territory, Social Cohesion Creativity and Lifestyle

Ordre International Des Anysetiers

The Ordre International des Anysetiers is a revival of a large fraternity which was very active in France during the Middle Ages.

At the time, there were many fraternities. They grouped together people of the same trade. Their aim was to provide mutual aid, both in a moral and a material kind and in particular to protect their professional interests.

The Corporation of the Anysetiers was registered at the Châtelet, during the reign of King Saint-Louis, in the year of grace 1263, by Etienne Boileau, Provost of Paris.

In those days, aniseed was brought in caravans from China to Alexandria, from where the precious seeds were shipped to Mediterranean ports, French ones in particular. The Anysetiers officiated in Paris. They crushed the aniseed were used to prepare ointments, drugs and liquor which were then provided to Kings and Lords, as well as to the common people.

Reanimated in 1955 at the initiative of a group of important personalities, the Ordre International des Anysetiers has been evolving from that date.

First created as a centralized association, it has become in 1990 a federation of a hundred of Commanderies, each of them formed into an association ruled in France by the law of 1901 and, out of frontiers, by regulations in force in the country that is concerned.

Its aims are:

 - to create and develop friendly relations of a scientific, cultural and social character among its members and friends of the Order;

 - to help organizations, groups, associations and charities engaged in mutual aid and assistance as well as any kind of solidarity;

 - to conduct studies and research on the qualities and uses of anise.

Drawing inspiration from the fraternities of the Middle Ages as well as taking into account the requirements of present day business management, the Ordre International des Anysetiers has provided itself with a controlling body : the Grand Conseil de l'Ordre.

This Board of Directors is composed of Chancellors who are the mandataries of each anysetier Region and of five members from the Committee, elected by the latter.

Each constituent Commanderies of these regions is ruled by a Chapter presided by a Grand Maistre. According to their activity and size, the Commanderies may in turn create Bailliages which are subordinate to them at first but which are intended to become Commanderies themselves once they have grown to a sufficient size.

Investiture ceremonies frequently take place in historical settings, such as a castle or an abbey. These settings lend a great deal of character to these festive but dignified events, in keeping with the dignitaries' costumes and the nobleness of our aims.

Today, the Anysetiers, active, honorary, honourable members and friends of the Order, are up to ten thousands in number  throughout the world over fifteen countries. The Order welcomes them without discrimination concerning race, sex, religion, social background or political affiliation. They represent all braches of professional activities.

Every year, the Order International des Anysetiers holds a Congress in a town chosen alternately in France and in a country where the Anysetiers are already established.

The congresses are important moments in the life of the International Order. Their continuing success enables us to reaffirm the objectives of our Order.  

The future of the Order depends on its ability to cope with its permanent expansion and to continue to bring together women and men who are earnest and willing, and eminently fraternal towards their peers and charitable towards all.

If, as everything suggests, this is indeed the case, the international influence of the Order will grow considerably. Thousands of new Anysetiers on all continents will testify to the prime importance of the virtues which is our aim to promote in a world where it becomes more and more necessary to set a countenance of toleration, mutual aid and friendship against the persistent difficulties.

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