Nata dalla passione e dalla profonda conoscenza erboristica di Girolamo Varnelli quasi 150 anni fa, la Distilleria Varnelli si fregia con orgoglio della licenza UTIF n° 1.

Number one as the long tradition of Distilleria Varnelli as the first company in the Marche region to start spirits production.

16 Jul 2014

Tales of the Cocktails: Amaro vs Sweet

Discover the deep essence of the Italian approach to life, from Aperitivo to Digestivo, Italy has the widest offering of Amari, Vermouth and Liqueurs in the world!

The Spirit of Italy Tasting Room, consisting of eight family-owned companies represented by the owners themselves, will walk you through the intriguing diversities of unforgettable elixirs from centuries-old recipes still enjoyed and shared among friends and loved ones while appreciating life to its fullest!

Cocchi, Lucano, Luxardo, Moccia, Nardini, Pallini, Toschi and Varnelli: eight distinctive Italian brands invite you to experience the style of finest internationally acclaimed Italian Barmen led by Francesco Lafranconi.

They will be ready to entertain you with charisma, passion and savoir-fare…the true Italian way!


The Spirit of Italy: Amaro vs Sweet

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