Nata dalla passione e dalla profonda conoscenza erboristica di Girolamo Varnelli quasi 150 anni fa, la Distilleria Varnelli si fregia con orgoglio della licenza UTIF n° 1.

Number one as the long tradition of Distilleria Varnelli as the first company in the Marche region to start spirits production.

17 Jul 2015

Amaro Is The New Sweet! seminar at Tales of the Cocktail 2015

Italian Aperitifs, Liqueurs and Amari have been around for centuries and nowadays represent a significant and growing influence as mixology ingredients worldwide. Yet formulation of some of these products often involves the use of botanical ingredients that elicit less than desirable taste sensations such as bitterness and astringency. Or on the opposite, liqueurs depend on the importance of the sweetness component used as a flavor fixative in the manufacturing of proprietary formulas handed down by generations, still largely enjoyed today neat or mixed. The aim of the seminar is to learn the origins, cultural influence and organoleptic differences explored through the breakdown of flavoring components and manufacturing techniques. You will learn how to maximize the cocktail-crafting organoleptic experience based on botanical intensity, texture and lingering aromatic complexity. New tasting evaluation techniques will also be shared for the first time during the seminar. There will be 7 tasting samples spanning from vermouth, amari and liqueurs ready to stimulate your mixology creative talents!


The audacious panel moderated by Francesco Lafranconi-a Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Award Winner, Erik Lorincz and Avery Glasser founder of NYC first Bitter Bar: Amor Y Amargo utilizing an extensive offering of Amari in cocktail creations. This elite team along with The Spirit of Italy brands' owners/producers will share with you the origins and heritage of the Italian Amari & Liqueurs.


Sponsored by The Spirit of Italy,


"In life there are the sweet and the bitter, I say that you have to take them both.” (from the movie: Il Dolce e l’Amaro, 2007)

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