Nata dalla passione e dalla profonda conoscenza erboristica di Girolamo Varnelli quasi 150 anni fa, la Distilleria Varnelli si fregia con orgoglio della licenza UTIF n° 1.

Number one as the long tradition of Distilleria Varnelli as the first company in the Marche region to start spirits production.

06 Oct 2015



Hang around bartenders long enough and you start to realize it’s a clubby profession, filled with secret rituals and drinking customs they share with one another, but not often the general boozing public. The most common of these is the bartenders’ handshake—a signal from a visiting bartender to the one on duty that they’re part of the in crowd. 

The bartenders’ handshake—the drink that local bartenders order to signify to their cohorts that they work in the industry—is different in every city. The handshake could even vary from bar to bar. We talked to bartenders across the country to find out what the insider, spirit-of-choice is for their town.

Bartender Sean Frederick of Boston ordered a bottle of Varnelli’s Amaro Dell’erborista for his bar and his staff went crazy for it...


By Alyson Sheppard

Illustration by Sean Noyce

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