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Varnelli family
The Varnelli Distillery was established in 1868 as an artisan and herbal company, and it has constantly been managed by the Varnelli Family since then. Today it can declare itself as a leader in the sector of dry anise.

Even with the unchanged methods of production and the secrecy of their recipes, the company has taken on an industrial dimension over time and has transformed itself into a Corporation, whose capital belongs entirely to four Varnelli heirs: Elda, Gigliola Simonetta, Mari Donatella and Orietta Maria.

Currently, the Varnelli Distillery Corp has its headquarters in Muccia, in a modern and elegant establishment. It is here where they perfectly combine the antique traditions of artisan and herbal productions with the most up-to-date plants for the storing and bottling of the drinks.

The prestigious headquarters, which also include the Varnelli Auditorium where conferences and seminars are held in various topics, is often open to workers in the industry, journalists and students for interesting guided tours and taste-testing.

The products from the Varnelli Distillery Corp are obtained from herbs, roots, fruit, honey and alcohol, which are checked and certified.
The transformation is followed personally by the family members who respect the daily ritual secrets in the production inherited by their herbalist ancestors.
The range of liquors is broad and various both in its type as in its form, and it's geared towards a demanding and prepared public.

The company's product leader is "Varnelli," a special, dry anise liquor that holds a record in the sector.

Room "Varnelli"
- The distribution is entrusted to the salesmen who work in the various Italian Provinces. They propose the Varnelli selection to traditional wholesalers as well as to gourmet and specialty shops.
- The production is entrusted to Mari Donatella Varnelli.
- The control of management and the foreign trade is entrusted to Orietta Maria Varnelli.
- Communications and relations with the Italians clients are looked after by Gigliola Simonetta Varnelli.
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